Canada is a developed country and has best education system attracts many students to complete study in Canada however they required a study permit by Canadian government. If you want a quality education or best study opportunities then study visa for Canada is the perfect option for you. We understand the requirement and paperwork and our experts are ready to assist you with proper guidance.

There is certain eligibility criteria study permit.

  • You have been accepted by (DLI) designated learning institute.
  • Adequate fund proof
  • Financial support proof related to education and living in Canada
  • Clear background with no criminal record
  • Medical Certificate to prove that your are in good health.

Application Process for a Canadian Study Permit

Check your eligibility-

  • An acceptance letter from a DLI,
  • Proof of financial support,
  • Supporting documents (varies depending on your countries of citizenship and residence)

Prepare your application
collect all the required documents and review it properly

Submit your study permit application
There are two option for submit permit application

  • Submit an electronic application
  • Submit a paper-based application

We will help you throughout the process from obtaining the Study Permit to permanent residency application in Canada. Our experts manage a better communication system to avoid any confusion.